Ten Questions with Kalob Grady

Kalob Grady: 10 Questions

Kalob Grady is a whitewater kayaker.

SOTOUTDOORS: What's your favorite thing to do in a kayak?

KALOB:There are so many different varieties of kayaking that I enjoy; scouting a tall waterfall, surfing a big wave or casually cruising down the river.  They're all my favorite.

SOTOUTDOORS: What is your favorite river you've paddled?

Ten Questions with Fredrika Ek

Fredrika Ek: 10 Questions

Fredrika Ek is currently riding her bike around the world, raising money for Action Aid charity at the same time. She started this journey in March of 2015.

SOTOutdoors: What made you want to start this journey?

Fredrika: My reasons for heading out on this journey are so, so many. But probably more importantly than all else is an endless curiosity about the world around me, and a never-ceasing desire to test, and push my own limits.