Ten Questions with Fredrika Ek

Fredrika Ek

Fredrika Ek: 10 Questions

Fredrika Ek is currently riding her bike around the world, raising money for Action Aid charity at the same time. She started this journey in March of 2015.

SOTOutdoors: What made you want to start this journey?

Fredrika: My reasons for heading out on this journey are so, so many. But probably more importantly than all else is an endless curiosity about the world around me, and a never-ceasing desire to test, and push my own limits.

SOTOutdoors: What made you want to connect a charity to your journey? Why Action Aid?

Fredrika: I've been working hard to be able to head out on this adventure, but the true reason as to why I'm out here is pure luck. Luck to have been born into the privileged life that comes with holding a passport from a country like Sweden. I can't think of anything more important than to bring attention and support to ActionAid's global work on securing and defending the human rights of all the women and girls in this world that haven't been as lucky as me. This journey is me fulfilling my dream. The fundraiser is my effort to make sure that more women and girls around the world can get the opportunity to fulfil theirs.

SOTOutdoors: What is one piece of gear you couldn't live without?

Fredrika: How could I answer anything else than my bicycle? :)

SOTOutdoors: What is your favorite place you've been so far?

Fredrika: I have too many favorites! Turkey for the food. Iran for the hospitality. Tajikistan for the raw mountains. China. The vastness of the Aussie outback. Patagonia where I am now..? The world is too amazing.

SOTOutdoors: What is your biggest motivation to keep riding?

Fredrika: Nine out of ten days, the pure joy of discovering new places and feeling the wind in my hair. That 10th day - the knowledge that every kilometer I pedal have an impact of the future of less fortunate women and girls around the world.

SOTOutdoors: Have you had a big accident?

Fredrika: Nothing big enough to stop me from riding.

SOTOutdoors: Do you always stay in a tent?

Fredrika: No! I mostly sleep in my tent, but have also spent countless nights with local people inviting me to their homes. During this almost 2 year trip I've ended up sleeping in everything from fancy hotel rooms to rusty drainage pipes under the road.

SOTOutdoors: Have you had any discrimination as you're one of few girls doing trips of this magnitude?

Fredrika: Not necessarily from being one of few girls making journeys like this, but it's a sad fact that being a woman in this world equals discrimination. This takes different shapes in different countries and cultures, but it is there. And it must be fought. I feel like could write a book about this, and who knows? Perhaps one day I will.

SOTOutdoors: Do you think this will be your last big journey or are you looking to do more?

Fredrika: This is my first big journey - definitely not my last.

SOTOutdoors: When is your estimated end date?

Fredrika: This morning I was on Skype with my grandmother, promising her that next year we'll celebrate X-mas together. At home :-)

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