Ten Questions with Kalob Grady

Kalob Grady

Kalob Grady: 10 Questions

Kalob Grady is a whitewater kayaker.

SOTOUTDOORS: What's your favorite thing to do in a kayak?

KALOB:There are so many different varieties of kayaking that I enjoy; scouting a tall waterfall, surfing a big wave or casually cruising down the river.  They're all my favorite.

SOTOUTDOORS: What is your favorite river you've paddled?

KALOB: I've got to be bias on this one on choose the river I grew up on.  The Ottawa River is the best big wave river in the world and will always hold a special place in my heart.

SOTOUTDOORS: What is your favorite trip you have been on and why?

KALOB: I have been to Chile many times, but this past Fall I was able to convince Dane Jackson, Bren Orton and Adrian Mattern to join me.  The trip was named "Tour Del Tremendous" and we spent the month cruising around the Patagonian country side searching for running the best whitewater and waterfalls that Chile had to offer!  It was incredible to wake up, get scared, trust your best friends and go execute the next waterfall on the list.

(Link to video from trip) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjKYDczxho0&t=5s

SOTOUTDOORS: We see you have a lot of other things going on with coaching and being an ambassador, what does that consist of?

KALOB: Coaching and teaching kayaking is one of my passions for sure, especially when working with kids or teens.  Being able to pass on my love for kayaking down to the next generation and inspiring them to get outside is an awesome feeling.  Being Ambassador is another fun aspect of kayaking, doing my best to showcase a fun, easy going and inviting environment for all on the river.

SOTOUTDOORS: What keeps your passion for white water paddling going?

KALOB: The people in the community and the places I get to travel, as simple as that.  Whitewater kayaking is a small sport, so the community is tight and we are all close.  Almost everybody will offer you any food they have, a warm place to sleep if they have it, or the shirt off there back if they don't.  Its a family that stretches all over the World, and I like my family.

SOTOUTDOORS: What's your scariest situation you've been in while white water rafting?

KALOB:  Raft guiding on the Ottawa River is as awesome as it gets, high volume, no rocks and warm water which means I haven't really had a scary or sketchy rafting experience yet.  It's a true summer paradise.

SOTOUTDOORS: What's something you'd tell someone trying to get into white water kayaking?

KALOB: So many things I would like to share with people trying to get into the sport.  Most importantly, start with friends at a similar skill level as you or take a lesson/clinic/class.  I get told so many stories where someone's first time in a kayak is nn Class 3/4 whitewater.  They swim, then panic and then think they're drowning in the river.  This results in a horrible experience, and likely means that will be there first and last time in whitewater kayak.  So yeah, take it slow, find friends on the same level as you and keep it fun while progressing your skills.

SOTOUTDOORS: Where's one place you want to travel to?

KALOB: The destinations on the top of my kayaking list right now include Iceland and Norway.  They are incredible places with infinite whitewater and I can't wait for the day I get to take a few paddle strokes over there.  Excluding kayaking destinations; the Easter Islands look like the most epic place on Earth!

SOTOUTDOORS: How did you get started kayaking?

KALOB: Growing up on the banks of the Ottawa River, I was always drawn to the river.   Kayaking around on lake kayaks and going on whitewater canoe trips with my family.  I learned how to have fun on the river, how to respect the river and how much adventure rivers can hold.  My parents finally let me in a whitewater kayak at the age of 10 and I was confidently rolling a year later by 11.  The rest is history.  

SOTOUTDOORS: Favorite part about what you do and your journey?

KALOB: I've got to go back to the people.  The friends I've made, the people I've met and the connections I've made are incredible.  I have good friends from every corner of the World and in between.  I have walked a different way of life while listening to stories with families in Peru, Chile and throughout Africa.  The people I meet, and the places I see.  That is my favorite part, and that is what keeps me going.  


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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KalobGrady