Winter Biking

Winter Biking

Don't let the cold weather and snow stop you from getting out and riding! Here are five tips on how to stay warm and enjoy the ride!

1. Layer Correctly

 Try wearing a size larger in gloves and shoes. This will allow for you to wear an extra layer and still have room for good blood circulation. Try to stay away from the normal cotton t-shirt also. These shirts tend to absorb moisture, which is bad in cold weather. Instead try wearing wool or synthetic fabrics. Personally Smartwool is my favorite and works great in wet and dry conditions.

2. Wear Goggles

 One thing that really bothers me when riding in cold weather is watery eyes. It is irritating and can also make it hard to see when going down the trail. Swap out the glasses for goggles when the temperature drops and you will have eye protection from the cold.

3. Use Hot Hands

 Hot hands are a great way to get a little extra heat. Put them in your shoes or on the backside of your hand for extra warmth. They are fairly cheap and you can pick them up at most sports stores.

4. Wear a Balaclava

 Most of your heat will escape through your head region. Wearing a balaclava will allow for some extra protection from the cold for your ears, nose, and neck.

5. Stay Dry

 One of the worst things that can happen when you are out in the cold is to get wet. If it is below freezing, it is a good idea to add a bunch of thermal layers. These layers are breathable so you don't sweat as much and will keep you warm.

6. Tire size

In the wet and winter months tire size makes a big difference. Plus size or a true fat tire bike would help a lot. They would give you more control in the mud and help you fly in the snow.

7. Shoe covers

Shoe covers will help keep your feet dry and warm while riding.

8. Nutrition

Taking extra energy gels and chews will help you tremendously. The colder weather will take a bigger toll on your body and will require you to take in more calories than normal. Also, remember to stay hydrated. It is easy to forget to drink water in cold weather but it is a must!